Former Senator Evie Hudak

Evie Hudak served in the Colorado State Senate from January 2009 through November 2013. During that time, she served on the following legislative committees:

Senate Education Committee - Member 2009-2013; Vice Chair 2010-2012; Chair 2013.

Senate Finance Committee - Member 2009-2010; Vice Chair 2009.

Senate Judiciary Committee - Member 2009-2010.

Senate Transportation Committee - Member and Chair 2011-2012.

Senate State, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee - Member 2013.

Senator Hudak served as a member of the Advisory Committee to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, In addition, she served on a number of interim committees, including the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force and the Early Childhood School Readiness Legislative Commission. She represented the Senate in various other organizations and groups, including the Education Commission of the States, the Education Leaders Council, and the National Conference of State Legislators.